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Successfully in operation for over 20 years, Hydra International Ltd are major chemical formulators, manufacturers and suppliers of high performance chemical and biological treatment products. Our Company has an innovative and dynamic approach to problem solving. Where we do not have a standard product, we have developed products specifically for customers to solve their unique problem. This has made Hydra a world leader in chemical cleaning technology.

We are specialised in the following:

Hydra-Aqua – Pond Supplies and Pond Clear Products

Manufacturer of high quality, environment and pet friendly aquatic treatments and pond cleaner with special focus on fish health, safety and value. We provide a wide range of algae water Clear products which cover many pond, lake, fountain and aquarium treatment applications.

Hydra-Bio – Biological Treatment and Kitchen Grease Trap Cleaning

Highly effective biological enzyme solutions for restaurant kitchen grease trap, drain treatment, septic tank waste and sewage systems, agricultural industry and bioremediation. Environmentally safe natural bacteria & enzyme breaks down all biodegradable sludge – fats, oils, grease, solid waste, paper, etc. Are you fed up of clogged kitchen sink and drain problems? If yes, then refer to hydra products to unclog a drain or kitchen sink.

Septo-Air - Septic Tank Treatment Systems

The answer for failing septic tanks. A one stop solution for all wastewater treatment needs, including septic tank treatment, septic tank conversion units and septic tank accessories. Low maintenance and highly effective systems. Use our septic tank conversion unit to prevent septic tank overflowing and prolong the life of soakaway fields.

Hydra-Deicers – Ice Melters

Ice melting salts and chemicals to fight even the snowiest of winters. Visit Hydra Deicers – Browse through our range of de-icing salts, chemicals, windscreen de-icer and washer.

Hydra-Dyes – Aquatic Colourants

Super-concentrated aquatic dye enhances the beauty of ponds and lakes. Slow down weed and algae growth by restricting sunlight penetration. Create an aesthetically pleasing body of water with Hydra’s range of colourful aquatic dyes.

Hydra-Marinesupplies – Marine Store for Cruise and Cargo Ship

Industry leading manufacturer and supplier of marine boat supplies, cruise / cargo ship maintenance, deck cleaner and boat cleaning products. We are committed to provide our customers only products with outstanding value and efficiency.

Hydra-FuelAdditives – Fuel Biocide Treatment and Injector Cleaner

Highly efficient and affordable fuel injector cleaner, test kits and fuel biocide treatment chemicals to restore the optimal performance of your vehicle. Hydra’s range of fuel treatments helps remove fuel bug, reduce emissions, and boost fuel performance and economy.

Hydra holds the following Standards:

QUALITY ISO 9001: 2008 - Sira Certification Service.
ENVIRONMENTAL ISO 14001: 2004 - Sira Certification Service.
HEALTH AND SAFETY OHSAS 18001: 2007 - Sira Certification Service.